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Allegiant Passengers: Save Time & Money with Paperless Boarding

Effective September 1, 2014 Allegiant issued the following notice to passengers:




New Boarding Pass Policy:

Customers who require the assistance of a ticket agent to print their boarding pass at the airport will pay a $5 charge per boarding pass printed.

Customers who use a mobile boarding pass on their mobile device or tablet, or check-in online and print their boarding pass at home will save themselves the small fee, while helping Allegiant keep fares low and ticket counter lines short.

When did this start?

September 1, 2014

Was I made aware of this?

Yes! As of, June 1, 2014 all passengers traveling after September 1, 2014 were informed in the booking path that they would be charged $5 to print their boarding pass at the airport. If you purchased at the airport or over the phone, you should have been advised by your reservation agent.


The $5 boarding pass printing charge has been implemented to encourage customers to use the mobile boarding pass or print their boarding pass at home. Paperless boarding saves passengers time and money.  Allegiant continues to find innovative ways to create a faster, easier travel experience for our customers while at the same time reducing costs. We now have mobile scanning technology in even the smallest airports in our network so that every Allegiant customer can ‘go paperless’ and use their smartphone or tablet to check-in, pass through security and board their flight.

Is this just another way for the airline to make money?

No! Actually, it’s a way for Allegiant to save money, which allows us to keep offering low fares to you, our customers. When passengers print at home, it reduces our footprint at the airport, which saves us money and that savings can be passed onto customers through low fares.


How do I avoid the fee next time I fly?

Travelers can avoid paying $5 to have their boarding pass printed at the airport by checking-in online or on the Allegiant2Go mobile app and using express bag drop or proceeding directly to the gate.

Through the Allegiant2Go mobile app, available for free on Apple and Android mobile devices, customers may check-in for their flight 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, add seat assignments, priority boarding or additional baggage and receive their boarding pass directly on their phone or tablet.

The mobile boarding pass option will save travelers the time and trouble of waiting in ticket counter lines.

I can’t check-in online, will I get charged?

No! This charge does not apply to passengers who are ineligible for advance check-in such as passengers traveling with pets in the cabin, or to passengers with disabilities who are unable to print or download boarding passes.